Lion Mike Foote

1st Vice District Governor -Lion Mike Foote

Lion Michael has been a lion since 2004 but has been around lionism all his life tagging along with his father, Lion Dave Foote, since he was 5 years old, learning at a very young age the value of helping out those in need in the area.

Since joining Lion Michael has held many positions in his club including all 3 vice presidents positions twice, secretary on several occasion and club president twice.  Lion Mike has been zone chairperson for zone 7 three times.  Lion Michael has also held various positions on the district cabinet a number of times including; International Cooperation and Understanding Chairperson, District Speak-out chair, Diabetes Awareness Chairperson, and Hearing and Speech chairperson.

Lion Michael has also been involved with organizing and operations of the lions provincial dart tournament at the Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp since 2006, and has been the coordinator since 2009. 

Lion Michael has been a recipient of an International Presidents Appreciation Certificate on two occasions, named club Lion of the Year twice and Lion of the Year for the district once.  During one of his years as district Diabetes Awareness Chair Lion Mike was awarded a Harry A Newman award and during his time as chair the District was named a top contributor to the Canadian Diabetes Association.  After his first term as club president Lion Michael was named top club president for the district N4 and named top club president for multiple district N.  Lion Michael was also awarded a Lion Melvin Jones Fellowship Award for his district.

In 2015 Lion Michael had the honor to see firsthand what it means to be a Knight of the Blind when he was invited to participate in the first District N4 eye care mission to Haiti.  An experience of a life time and the opportunity to see where the hard work of the district can pay off.

Outside of lionism Lion Mike has been an active volunteer in the community; coaching two senior high ball hockey teams, he was involved with the local cadet corps for 15 years and during the Christmas season Lion Michael enjoys dressing up in his big red suit and traveling around as Santa Clause.  He has visited kids groups and parties, elementary schools, participated in community events and also visited the local senior’s complex, enjoying all the smiles of the young and old alike. 

Lion Michael is joined in service by his wife Lion Tracy who has been a lion since 2006 and has been an active member since.  She has recently been the club RAP chair, involving the club in many different literacy programs.  Together they have a young daughter, who has only missed just a couple conventions in her young 4 year life.

Lion Michael has been always been active at all levels from the club to the district, but is passionate about helping out the people of his area who are in need.  Lion Michael has always been a strong believer of grassroots projects and believes if we don’t support our communities they don’t support us and thus we are unable to support the initiatives of the district or LCI.

Loin Mike is looking forward to working with and serving all the Lions of the great District N4 in the capacity of 2nd Vice District Governor for the lion’s year 2018-2019.

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