Lion Mike Foote
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District Governor Lion Michael Foote is from the Baccalieu Lions Club in Old Perlican, Newfoundland. Michael is the second longest serving Lion in a “Family of Lions’ serving over 15 years, he is complemented by his wife Lion Tracy, who has been a Lion almost 14 years, his father, Lion Dave is the charter King Lion of their club as well as charter member of 2 other clubs and a guiding Lion of another, serving over 48 years as a Lion. Lion Michael’s mother and
sister; Lions Melita and Melanie, are both Lions of over 8 years

DG Mike has been the fortunate recipient of numerous awards in his Lions careers; most notably Top President in our Multiple District, Top Secretary in District N4, numerous Lion of the Year awards and International President Appreciation Certificates, a Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship from his club and was presented a Melvin Jones Fellowship from our great District.

During his time as a Lion, Lion Michael has held many club polistions such as Club President and Secretary on multiple occasions, Club Tail Twister, along with the Zone Chair position for Zone 7 on a number of occasions. DG Michael has served on the district cabinet in multiple positions from International Understanding and Cooperation, Diabetes Awareness, Hearing and
Speech to his terms as second and first Vice District Governor.

On his path towards becoming Your District Governor Lion Michael has had numerous training opportunities, from the number of Multiple District training sessions, to the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute, the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, District Governor Elect School in St. Charles, Illinois to numerous amounts of online training including the Lions University
where he achieved his Bachelor's Certificate and is working towards his Masters.
In 2015 DG Mike had the honor to feel first hand what it means to be a Knight of the Blind, when he was invited to travel with Lion Brad Moss on the first eye care mission to Haiti. It was the experience of a lifetime, a project that makes you realize why you became a Lion, to help out people who need assistance. It was all because of the work of the Lions of our great district; we, as a team, were able to help so many. It is something that puts life into perspective and you
are able to see first hand what it means to be a Lion. That trip above all else, should show all of you how GREAT our district is.

Lion Michael, was introduced to Lionism at a young age while attending Lions functions with his father, learning very early the benefits and need to give back to the community. Since that point Lion Michael was a lover of the grassroots projects that help out those in our communities and strongly believes that if we show support to our communities they will show support to us. It is
the best publicity we could ever want.

DG Mike is always happy to have his daughter, Kira, accompany him whenever possible.  Trying to pass on what was passed to him at a young age, the importance of helping those who need help in our local and global community.
Lions; “Leaving Footeprints of Hope Through the Kindness of Service”