District Chairpeople

Budget and Audit 

Chair: Lion Danny Campbell (Year 3 of 3) 

Email: liondannycampbell@gmail.com 


Lion Geoff Lomond (Year 2 of 3) 

Email: liongeofflomond@gmail.com 

PDG Lion Diane Cooney (Year 1 of 3) 

Email: dbonnell61@gmail.com 


Chair: Lion Sharon Sweeney (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: s_p_sweeney@live.com 

Constitution and Bylaws 

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs (Year 1 of 3) 

Email: claudette.coombs@bellaliant.net 


Lion Brian Peach (3 of 3) 

Email: brianpeach37@gmail.com 

Lion Becky Gardner (Year 2 of 3) 

Email: beckiegardner@gmail.com 

PDG Lion Frank Antle 

Email: frank.antle@gmail.com 


Chair: Lion Lloyd Andrews (Year 1 of 3) 

Email: lloydherbert@icloud.com



Chair: DG Lion Greg King (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: liongregk@gmail.com 


CS Lion Patrice King 

Email: cslionpatrice@gmail.com 

Lion Bill Grandy 

Email: bgrandymystlionsclub@gmail.com

Lion David Foote  

Email: footeman66@hotmail.com 

Cultural & Community Affairs: 

Chair: Lion Brandon Oliver 

Email: brandono19@hotmail.com 

Diabetes Awareness 

Chair: Lion Theresa Lewis (Year 1 of 2 ) 

Email: theresa125@hotmail.com 

Disaster Relief Fund 

Chair: Lion Jamie Thornhill (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: jamiethornhill@hotmail.com 

Election Chair (Year 1 of 1) 

Chair: Lion Sylvia Sturge 

Email: sylvia_sturge@hotmail.com 

Environment (Year 1 of 1) 

Chair: Lion Cyril Simms 

Email: cssimms@nl.rogers.com 

Global Leadership Team (GLT) (Year 1 of 2) 

Chair: PDG Lion Mike Foote 

Email: mikefootenl@gmail.com 


Lion Melanie Foote 

Email: footemel75@gmail.com 

Lion Patrice King 

Email: cslionpatrice@gmail.com 

Lion Janine Howse  

Email: Janine.howse@gmail.com 

Lion Sylvain Gallant 

Email: sgallant71@gmail.com 

2 VDG Lion Brad Moss 

Email: Bradmoss49@gmail.com 

Global Membership Approach Team (GMAT) 

Chair: Lion Janine Howse (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: janine.howse@gmail.com 


Lion Ches Pike 

Email: mcpike@live.com 

Lion Lisa McGrath 

Email: lisamcgrath2016@gmail.com 

Lion Les Caines 

Email: lester.caines@yahoo.ca 

Lion Henrietta Hillier 

Email: hillierpower@yahoo.ca 

Lion Kelly Ennis 

Email: gibskelly@live.ca 

1st VDG Lion Eric Sturge 

Email: sturgeeric@hotmail.com 

Global Service Team (GST) 

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: gccoombs@nf.sympatico.ca 


PDG Lion Mike Foote 

Email: mikefootenl@gmail.com 

Lion Terrence Clarke 

Email : tclarket18@gmail.com 

Lion Michelle Durnford-Keats 

Email : michelle_durnford@hotmail.com 

Hearing and Speech 

Chair: Lion Martin Gaulton (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: martingaulton@gmail.com 


Chair: Lion Paul Abbott (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: paul.janet@hotmail.com 

Information Technology 

Chair: Lion Sylvain Gallant (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: sgallant71@gmail.com 

International Understanding & Cooperation 

Chair: Lion Lester Caines (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: Lester.caines@yahoo.ca 

Lion Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) 

Chair: Lion Roxanne Oates (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: roxanneoates@outlook.com 

Lions Foundation of Canada (LFC) 

Chair: PDG Lion Jennifer Hutchings (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: Jennifer_pennell21@hotmail.com 

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp (LMSMC) 


Chair: Lion Randy Driscoll (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: randydriscoll61@gmail.com 

Long Range Planning 

Chair: PDG Lion Carl Chafe (Year 1 of 3) 

Email: carl.chafe@mdlz.com 


PDG Lion Mike Foote 

Email: mikefootenl@gmail.com 

Lion Danny Campbell 

Email: liondannycampbell@gmail.com 


Chair: PDG Lion Arch Chapman (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: lionarchc@gmail.com 

Opportunities for Youth 


Chair Lion Loretta Ryan (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: lorettaryan@outlook.com 

Lions Quest 

Chair Lion Judy Sparkes (Year 3 of 3) 

Email: judaysparkes@gmail.com 

Peace Poster 

Chair Lion Melanie Foote (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: footemel75@gmail.com 

Speak Out 

Chair Lion Lisa McGrath (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: lisamcgrath2016@gmail.com 

Youth Exchange Chair 

Chair Lion Rita Pennell (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: pennellrita@gmail.com 

Childhood Cancer 

Chair: Danny Ridgeley (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: danridgeley@gmail.com 

Pins & Visitation 

Chair: Lion Lisa Lake (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: llake20161@outlook.com 


Lion Michael Cooney 

Email: mcooney@eastlink.ca 

Reading Action Program 

Chair: Lion Tracy Foote (Year 1 of 2) 

Email: tracy_cumby@hotmail.com 

Sergeant at Arms 

Chair: Lion Michael Cooney (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: mcooney@eastlink.ca 

Sight Conservation Work with the Blind 

Chair: Lion Shane Cashin (Year 2 of 2) 

Email: shaneecashin@gmail.com 


Lion Donald Connolly 

Email: donaldconnolly@hotmail.com 

VOCM Cares Lion Radio Bingo Liaison 

Chair: Lion Geoff Lomond (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: liongeofflomond@gmail.com 

Honorary Chair 

Chair: PDG Lion Mike Foote (Year 1 of 1) 

Email: mikefootenl@gmail.com 

Hospital Visitation (Year 1 of 1) 

Chair: 1VDG Lion Eric Sturge 

Email: sturgeeric@hotmail.com 

St. John’s 

Lion Patricia Walsh 

Email: pm.walsh30@gmail.com 

Lion Pat Standford 

Email: patstandford@nl.rogers.com 


Lion Paul Dillon 

Email: chaddillon07@gmail.com 


Lion Janet & Lion Paul Abbott 

Email: paul.janet@hotmail.com 


Lion Dora and Harry Cooze 

Email: dora.cooze@eastlink.ca 

Lion Bill Grandy 

Email: bgrandymystlionsclub@gmail.com 


Lion Lester Caines 

Email: lester.caines@yahoo.ca 

Lion Elizabeth Coish 

Email: bettyclarke2004@hotmail.com